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We strongly believe in the importance of personal approach, therefore, one of our areas of expertise is customized solutions for the special needs of our clients and their customers.

Customized Online Sales and Logistics Management System

We hold full ownership rights of sales and logistics online management system PROJECT. It not only allows to control and manage integrated process of logistic and sales, but the functionality, information flow, reporting, analytics and data output can be completely adapted to our client needs.

We produce and complete your activity with highly personalized materials such as gifts, incentives, greeting cards, flyers, posters, gift boxes, boxes, calendars, tapes, banners and others.


Packing, repacking, co-packing, kitting, enclosing, labeling, shrink wrapping to prepere materials and orders exactly tailored to client needs.

Product assembly, Enclosing and Labeling

We assemble finished products from different modules and components delivered in our warehouse or collected by us according to the individual requirements of the client and planned activity.

Manual closing, production and application of etiquettes and stickers, management of the bar codes.

Gifts and Samples

Support in the production, personalization and delivery to the point of sales or to the final consumer

Temperature controlled logistics

We manage the pickup, kitting and shipment of the kits that requires the temperature controlled shipment. If needed, we also supply the polystyrene boxes for shipping & moving the product.

Other Product Personalization Techniques

Serigraphy, embroidery, engraving or tampography for complete personalization of your products and final orders.

Further Material Management

We take care of all the further activities, such as - disassembly, withdrawal, further material storage or correct disposal.

Other Fully Customized Logistics Services according to Client Needs

We are flexible to solve most challenging, urgent requests that are fare beyond standard logistics activities. Following needs of our clients, we are ready to find customized solution in any situation.

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