Capability to offer fully integrated logistics services

One stop partner for most complex projects

For maximum efficiency and quality

Thanks to our wide range of logistics services, PROMOLOGISTICA is your single point of contact and experienced partner in different activities even in most complex projects.

Highly efficient "all inclusive" logistics solution is provided by centralized management of series of activities that interact and complement each other.

Main advantages given by our turnkey logistics solution:

  • Smooth integration of all phases with maximum cost and time efficiency
  • Easy project management with one stop partner overviewing all processes
  • Eliminates the hassle of negotiating with and coordinating multiple external suppliers for various activities
  • Strict and unified approach to ensure needed results across all project phases
  • All needed expertise and infrastructure in one team - rapid knowledge exchange ensures high quality and smart solutions

Each partnership is modelled on the basis of specific requirements, and each client is served with special attention in all phases of cooperation.

Promologistica Unique Advantages

Integrated logistics process

Main steps involved in our integrated logistics approach


Management of all kinds of inbound goods

Handling of all kind of inbound deliveries, including unloading containers. Checking and verifying quantity / quality, documentation.


Processing of every SKU and integration in the PROJECT system

Item (SKU) coding (if needed) and integration in the online sales and logistics management system PROJECT, ensuring management of every SKU through all the process - warehousing, order processing and distribution, including SKU allocation by cost centers, integration in CRM, supply chain, sales data bases.


Warehousing and storage

Full set of warehousing operations, inventory management, storage according to the specifics of the goods and planned activities. Our special sales and logistics management system PROJECT ensures efficient online management of all day-to-day operations in a warehouse.


Incoming orders management

Receiving and processing orders through various sources, including ecommerce system, PROJECT system, customer contact center, direct orders through phone or email.


Orders processing

Every order is integrated in the sales and logistics online management system PROJECT and closely followed up till the successful fulfillment. In addition order processing includes wide range of value added services such as packing, repacking, kitting, assembly, labeling, production, print, overprint and many others.


Outbound goods management

Handling of all kinds of outbound deliveries, ensuring maximum accuracy in allocating outbound goods against the purchase order and the customer.



Deliveries are implemented to various channels, such us trade, retail, field or other points of sales, special events, directly to the final customer in Italy or internationally.

  • Trade
  • Retail
  • DO, GD, GDO
  • Field
  • Events, Exhibitions, Road Show
  • Special Deliveries
  • Direct Deliveries
  • Direct Marketing

Activities after delivery

We take care also for the phase after delivery. We provide customer contact center and return logistics management, monitoring, disassembly, maintenance service, reporting, further storage.

Sales & logistics management system "PROJECT"

Online management of all your activities

PROMOLOGISTICA has developed integrated sales and logistics online management system PROJECT to ensure full control and efficient management of all activities in integrated sales and logistics process.

The system has been continuously developed since 2001, to serve complex needs of such clients as: UNICEF, Basf, Coca-Cola, Negroni, Electronic Arts, Nike.

PROJECT is operating as real time database ensuring centralized management of all process of logistics, warehousing, delivery, sales, marketing, CRM and other activities according to specific needs of client.

  • Warehouse management
  • Inbound and outbound goods management
  • Administration and database of all SKU and activities
  • Automatic orders management
  • Stock and inventory management across all storage and selling points
  • Quotations for standard or customized orders
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing
  • Scheduling and forecasting
  • Automatic follow up system (inventory, orders, shipments, etc.)
  • Barcoding
  • Delivery management and tracking
  • CRM activities management
  • Customers and prospects database
  • Ecommerce management
  • Purchase orders / Cost centers management per SKU
  • Automatized order confirmation
  • Delivery notification messages
  • Materials, manufacturers and suppliers management
  • Forecasting for sales or supply chain (finished products or product parts)
  • Customized data output (activities and channels)
  • Tailor made reports and analytics

Thanks to full ownership rights, PROMOLOGISTICA can adapt PROJECT to specific needs of clients, providing customized data output or integrating further functions. System management can be done by PROMOLOGISTICA or by client using a customized dashboard, as well as integrated with exusting systems of clients.

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Sectors of Expertise

Extensive expertise in various sectors

Since the foundation of PROMOLOGISTICA, for almost 40 years, we have been specially focused on implementing logistics support for marketing and sales activities across diverse sectors.

  • Retail (FMCG, fashion, sporting goods, design, furniture, others)
  • Field (events, exhibitions, road shows) etc.
  • Wholesale & Trade
  • Nonprofit Organizations (NPO)
  • Ecommerce

Thanks to our focused expertise, we can solve the most complex challenges finding customized solution for our diverse clients starting from brand business units till marketing, PR, event agencies and many others.

Know-How & Experience

Right support and solution for every activity

Thanks to our wide range of logistics services, PROMOLOGISTICA is the right partner for the complex projects where personalization plays an important role. Single point of contact for both - daily services and special needs or events.

Our data management system of personal data is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK General Data Protection Regulation (certified documentation in IT and ENG provided during the quotaiton phase).

  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Sales and marketing campaigns
  • Retail activation
  • Promotional activities
  • PR activities and events
  • CRM
  • Direct marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Below the line

Distribution Channels

Various distributions channels

Today's digitally connected consumers are more empowered and well-informed than ever before, completely changing traditional sales and marketing approach. Customer activities are hold across various channels such us physical store, online, field and others.

Efficient and experienced logistics partners are the key enablers providing the outstanding customer service with a top quality.

PROMOLOGISTICA supports all types of logistics challenges across our various distribution channels:

  • Trade and Wholesales
  • Retail
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Direct Delivery
  • Field
  • Special Deliveries