Grow your sales through excellent customer experience

We are experienced partner taking care of every step of ecommerce process, supporting your ability to serve and retain the customers.

The key characteristics of our ecommerce service - cost efficiency, quality, accuracy, speed, flexibility, skilled customer contact center, specially developed sales and logistics online management system.

Management of Inbound and Outbound Goods

We handle all kind of deliveries or picking up goods by ourselves as well as accurately manage the order delivery to your final customer.

Warehousing and Storage

Full set of warehousing operations, inventory management, storage according to the specifics of the goods.

Online Sales and Logistics System Project

Integrated online system ensures efficient management of all operations included in ecommerce process - warehousing, order processing, delivery, stock management, orders tracking, data analysis, reporting, CRM and other functions. It is fully adaptable to any specific needs of client and can be integrated with the client systems.

Orders Customization

We fulfill also highly personalized orders providing assembly, packing, repacking, co-packing, labeling, hand enclosing as well as print, overprint and other value added services.

Unlimited and Fast Delivery

Our delivery services can be fulfilled both in house or via our trusted and competitive 3PL courier services for unlimited delivery capability in all Italy and wordlwide. We monitor the status of each shipment, ensuring the best customer experience through timely and accurate delivery service.

Payments Management

Various payment opportunities, including online payments management, standard bank transfers, cash on delivery.

Returns Management

We handle returned goods and products, take care for goods replacement.

Management of Seasonal Peaks

Efficient management of extra volumes during the high season with the same attention and efficiency.

Customer Contact Center

Our skilled customer contact specialists are essential part of ecommerce service, ensuring positive customer experience and personal attention to each detail. We provide customer support and service, process orders through various channels, deal with complaints.

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