Retail Activation and Promotional Logistics

For your sales and marketing success

Thanks to + 25 years of experience, flexibility and integrated approach, PROMOLOGISTICA has become one of the leading experts providing logistics services for promotional activities.

Each partnership is unique and tailor made to meet special needs of our clients for each channel and for each category of goods.

Integrated Management of Full Process

From receiving, storage, processing, customization, distribution and placement, till the after-delivery stage – maintenance, reporting, utilization, reverse logistics, customer contact center.
We administrate all the process in our ingretaded
online management system, providing data output exactly tailor made to our client needs.

Production of promotional materials

Our print and overprint services allow to support our clients in the production of the various promotional materials, such as flyers, banners, cards, packs and other materials

Customization of the promotional materials

Our print and overprint services to support our clients in production of various promotional materials, such us flyers, banners,leaflets, cards, gift bags and other materials.

Placement and Merchandising

Placement of your goods, items, displays, installations, stands, POP, POS and other advertising materials and management of other merchandising activities

Labeling, Enclosing

Hand enclosings, attachment of labels, barcodes, stickers, product signages, etc. according to the specific requirements of planned activity.

Gifts and samples

Specially prepared according to your needs and delivered to sales and activity points or directly to your customers

Delivery to various channels

Trade, retail channels,other sales and activity points, for BTL activities, temporary shops, exhibitions, trade show presentations, media events, marketing and product events or any other special events.

Logistics for the Roadshows, special activations and events

Delivery, mounting of stands, promo islands, promotional structures, temporary stores and other speical promotional activations.

maintenance and post-delivery services

Dismounting, withdrawal of your promotional materials.
The invalid promotional material will be adequately stored or disposed.

Returns Management

Handling of unsold items, sorting, restoring to standard format, repackaging, etc.

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