POP and POS materials logistics

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Delivery and management of promotional materials to the point of sales (shopping centers, events or other activation points), including the positioning and installation, till the after-delivery stage – maintenance, withdrawal, utilization or further storage.

Delivery of POP and POS materials

Efficient delivery in all the territory thanks to the strong geographic footprint in all Italy and numerous transit points. Our network alongside multiple strong partnerships ensure our capability to serve clients also in all European territory. Every step of delivery is tracked and monitored.

Positioning of POP and POS materials and Visual Merchandising

Merchandising support of the displays, installations, promotional articles, products, POP and POS materials, windows.

Production of POP and POS materials

Support in the production of POP, POS and other promotional materials.

Personalization of POP and POS materials

Personalization of materials in the various phases of preparation (assembly, re-packing, labeling, enclosing, bar codes management). Management of various special kits.

Display solutions

Production support, assembly, refill, maintenance and disassembly or withdrawal for traditional or specialized sales channels.

Maintenance, disassembly, withdrawal, further storage of POPO and POS materials

Monitoring and maintenance of POS materials in the points of sales, withdrawal and further materials management (disposal or further storage).

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