In-store setup and customized store windows

Logistics and management of furniture and POP MATERIALS in the stores - receiving all materials, planning and organization of installations, delivery of materials to the points of sales and set up according to the guidelines, disassembly, re- packing and further management of outdated structures and materials.


  • Management of incoming furniture and POP materials –receiving, quality control, further processing
  • Planning and organization of set up activities in the stores, coordination of installation with the and regional managers and individual stores
  • Deliveries from the headquarters in Milano to the local hub
  • Set up of furniture and POP materials
  • Disassembly, re-packaging, withdrawal of materials from the sales points and shipment to the central warehouse
  • Retrieval of old structures when needed
  • Restoration of the old structure when required
  • Management of the executive files and production of the customized windows’ decals. Planning and coordination of the store visits. Delivery of the materials to the sales points. Set up the windows, including the application of the large-scale windows’ graphics.