Event logistics and material distribution

Full logistics support for BTL event. Management if all inbound materials, delivery to the event venue, installation of infrastructure and equipment of Nike during the night before the race, preparation and placement of promotional materials, night dismantling and further storage.

Main activities

  • Logistics partner of Nike, managing the various materials needed for the urban obstacle race in Rimini
  • Receive and verify all inbound materials and products
  • Deliver all materials to the location of the event at the night before the race
  • Mount and install the stand, all needed infrastructure, and equipment
  • Preparation and placement of all promotional materials, including dressing up the mannequins
  • Night dismantling at the end of the event and further storage

Logistics, personalization, and delivery of Nike uniforms to more than 3300 trainers in 33 Virgin Active fitness centers.
Every pack has been individually prepared and personalized before being delivered to each trainer.

Main activities

  • Receive and manage all incoming products
  • Receive and assemble special packaging boxes
  • Assembly of more than 3400 product sets, preparing an individual package for each trainer according to the size, gender, and model
  • Apply individually prepared etiquettes to each pack
  • Delivery of personalized packages to each trainer in every club