Retail marketing logistics

Main Tasks

Since 1997, PROMOLOGISTICA has been providing full logistics support of goods and promotional materials for trade, retail and Below The Line activities - product launches, media campaigns, events, installations, setting up permantent and temporary stores, merchandising and visual merchandising support.

Main Challenges

Full support for complex activities, coordinating them across various partners and functions, merchandisers, promoters and brand ambassadors, according to local and international guidelines. Continuous cooperation not only with local branch but also international headquarters for POP materials management.

Main Activities Implemented

  • Management of all data and documents
  • Online logistics management system (SKU and items encoding, creation of database, inventory management)
  • Shipping, assembly and monitoring of POP materials
  • Management and delivery of POP materials (goods and items) and installation of instore materials
  • Coordination of activities between international and local partners, various Nike departments, merchandisers, ambassadors, promoters
  • Warehousing services across all Italy
  • Special logistics support in European territory
  • Picking up items and goods from suppliers
  • Storage and maintenance
  • Management of POP materials for agencies, promoters, brand ambassadors, merchandisers, suppliers, direct stores and franchisee stores
  • Logistics of goods and items for special events and BTL activities


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