+30 years of partnership

Main Tasks

To provide logistics support of promotional materials, items, gadgets, goods for ongoing sales and marketing activities, management of special consumer promotional campaigns, support for special events , BTL activities, launches.

Main Challenges

Company has a complex and integrated structures with various departments involved (sales, marketing, supply chain, field) in the processes. Therefore the proactive partner that can implement complex activities, coordinating them across various partners and functions, within limited period of time, with maximum efficiency is needed.

Main Activities Implemented

Since 1985 we have been supporting extensive range of Coca-Cola Italy brands, providing numerous logistics services such as :

  • Marketing product launches and sales campaigns
  • BTL activities
  • Logistics of promotional materials and items
  • Warehouse and delivery of POP materials
  • Logistics support for special events, such us Coca-Cola Christmas Village, Winter Olympics etc.
  • Delivery, management and retrieval of Coca-Cola promotional materials and gadgets (furniture, gadgets, branded fridges etc.)
  • Customized Sales and Logistics management system PROJECT that allows to administrate and overview all processes online and have the history of all implemented activities (sales, marketing, logistics) to monitor steps and stocks for sales, marketing, trade marketing, retail marketing and logistics departments.

Within Coca-Cola consumer campaigns, additionally to standard logistics services, PROMOLOGISTICA has been taking care for :

  • management of loyalty and collection process
  • fulfilling and delivering the orders
  • customer service support
  • administration of orders and payments