Complete and Customized Support

For more than 10 years we provide entirely customized and fully integrated support taking into account special needs of UNCIEF as daily logistics partner.

Main Tasks

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Integrated online system for complete data management - sales, logistics, stock and inventory, orders, clients, payments and other activities
  • Customized statistics and reporting
  • Production and customization of orders and solidarity gifts
  • Print and overprint services for production of UNICEF greeting cards and customized gifts
  • Ecommerce support for online non-profit store
  • Direct deliveries to customers
  • Various payment management options, cash on delivery, credit cards, online system
  • Multichannel customer contact center for dealing with orders, questions and other inquiries
  • Management of special events
  • Distribution and management of all promotion materials and items
  • Production and assembly of gifts, charity boxes, other materials